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General Description:
Imitation Porcupine guard hair has recently come about to respond to the dwindling supply and high cost of the real hair. It is made of a synthetic fiber, colored and tapered at the tip and bottom end like the real hair. Some advantages of this imitation hair is that it all comes 9 1/2 inches long and it doesn’t have to be cleaned or sorted. To get the shorter lengths for the back of the roach you simply trim it from the bottom up to the length you want.

In general the roach making process is still the same as described in our “The Making of a Porky Roach”, booklet and DVD. The change with this imitation hair is that you now can always size the front of the roach’s hair length to 9 inches. A Learning Circle sheet will be supplied with each order with tips about making roaches with this material.

Because the imitation porky hair fibers are heavier than the real hair, it appears that you will need at least twice the weight of imitation hair than what you used in real hair. As more crafters try this, we will get a better idea of what is needed, but we would suggest buying an ounce more than twice the real hair weight normally used. Having slightly more will allow you to plan a wider front half row than before.

Imitation Porky Guard Hair
Per ounce /$4.95
 Discount Qty:   6 or more /$4.45

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