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Brave Heart - Live at Prairie Island Wacipi   9254

General Description:
The Brave Heart Singers are proud to present their newest recording with 15 songs straight from the heart of Oglala country. Cante T’inza means Brave Heart in Lakota Sioux and is the given name of this drum. Please enjoy this fine collection of songs from the Brave Heart Singers live at Prairie Island Wacipi.

Brave Heart - Live at Prairie Island Wacipi
Per each /$15.95

Play List:
1. Grand Entry
2. Straight
3. Straight
4. Straight
5. Straight
6. Round Dance
7. Straight
8. Foot Slide
9. Grand Entry
10 Straight
11. Straight
12. Straight
13. Traditional
14. Straight
15. Straight