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China Opaque Seed Beads   1090

General Description:
This is a new line of glass seed bead produced in China. They are an excellent value because the strung hank is 12 inches long, holding approximately 1500 more beads than the Czech strung hanks. Beadworkers have found that this combination of opaque, transparent, and silver lined finish is excellent for use in floral applique beading patterns. We are starting with a popular set of colors for most applique beadwork projects. With the usual sorting of occasional irregular beads, they will be good for loom projects as well. The center hole will accommodate the size D Nymo thread as well as the 10 lb. Fireline thread using the size 10 beading needles.

China Opaque Seed Beads - Size 10
Per hank /$2.50


When a particular bead color is unavailable from the factory for a period of time, that choice will be deleted from the "Options" drop down menu and will be added back when available again.