Beading Supplies Information About Nylon Thread   2099

General Description:
Bonded nylon thread is the best thread for most beadwork. However, it is not recommended for the warp threads on a loom because it stretches, wrinkling the beadwork. Use heavy cotton thread for the warp. Nylon thread comes in bobbins, jumbo bobbins and cones. Size 00 is the finest thread and used for size 12 beads and smaller. Size 0 is used for the same projects as size 00 but is stronger. Size B is a fine thread of good thickness for most beadworking using size 11 beads and bugle beads. Size D is a heavy beading thread used with size 10 needles, and usually size 10 beads or the pony beads. The heavier size F is used for sewing, especially on buckskin using a size 6 glovers needle. Always coat nylon and cotton thread with beeswax or conditioner.

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