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Smokeytown - 40th Anniversary   9219

General Description:
This 2-Disc special has been released by Smokeytown Singers of the Menominee Reserve in Wisconsin, known nationally for their songs and style representing the Great Lakes region. Now in their 40th year, these two discs present favorite songs they composed and used during those years, along with old style woodland traditional songs passed down from many past generations in the Great Lakes region. All of these songs include women backup singers, which has been a tradition at this Drum.

Disc I includes 7 contemporary intertribal songs and 5 contest songs. Disc II presents traditional songs learned from their elders who have passed on, including 5 Woodland dance songs, 3 special songs, and 6 Old Time Scrub songs. In keeping with the old teachings, all of the traditional songs provided on Disc II include a closing tail, something you don't always hear with the contemporary songs today.

Lead singer for these 40 years, Myron Pyawasit has used this presentation to recognize and thank the elders and singers who have influenced and been a part of this drum's experience on the powwow trail. A must have for your music collection shelf.

Smokeytown - 40th Anniversary
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