Drum Parts & Kits Powwow Drum Kit   8049

General Description:
Our powwow drum kit is popular for use as a light weight travel drum or for youth groups. It uses a 24-inch diameter, 9-inch deep powwow size rim. The rim is a hard maple laminate with layer ends located in different places. We have added a 1⁄4 inch by 1 1⁄2 inch plywood reinforcement strip around both inside edges.The kit includes instructions, rim, Cow rawhide for two heads, and 1⁄4 inch rawhide lacing.

The drum stand shown is sold separate. See "Powwow Drum Stand" to purchase the stand as shown. Both 9" and 7" powwow drum rims are available separate on the "Plywood Drum Rims" page.

Powwow Drum Kit - Cow Rawhide Heads
Size: 24 inch diameter
Per each /$275.00