Finished Items Canvas or Sunforger Tipi   8510

General Description:
Available in either 12 ounce Numbered Duck natural canvas or flame, mold, and mildew resistant 13 ounce Sunforger. Complete package includes; cover, door, and liner with canvas storage bags, all rope, marbles and tie downs in a storage bag, lacing pins, center stakes, and perimeter stakes. It does not include the poles.

Tipi pattern is closely designed from the Sioux traditions, with an option to extend the flap lengths used in the Cheyenne traditions. Sizes available are 12 ft., 14 ft., 16 ft., 18 ft., 20 ft., 22 ft., and 24ft.

Call us for options and prices at 800-652-7152. Tipiís are shipped direct from factory. Our quote by phone will include shipping charge from factory to your address. Made in USA.

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Canvas or Sunforger Tipi
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Current prices for complete packages without poles but does not include shipping quote:
13 ounce Sunforger Canvas
12ft - $933
14ft - $1,160
16ft - $1,300
18ft - $1,468
20ft - $1,682
22ft - $1,994
24ft - $2,291
12 ounce Cotton Canvas
12ft - $797
14ft - $968
16ft - $1,084
18ft - $1,206
20ft - $1,367
22ft - $1,645
24ft - $1,833
For other package quotes and for shipping from factory to your place call us at 1-800-652-7192