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Delica Luminous Finish   1018

General Description:
The luminous glass finish on the surface of this bead brightens the interior color when in full sunlight. A new selection of colors now available. The abbreviated "Lum." means "Luminous". They are 11/0 size in the Japanese scale and are very close in size to the 12/0 Czech bead. They are sold by weight, 7.2 grams, in a 2 inch long tube which contain approximately 1200 beads.

The color names we use in our directory come from our main supplier. Some of our alternative suppliers will sometimes use different names, but the numbers shown, for example DB 2033, on their label will be the same color and finish as listed here in our color collection.

Delica - Luminous Finish - Size 11
Per tube /$3.75     Per assorted 10+ /$3.45
 Discount Qty:   10 or more /$3.45


If ordering assorted colors of 10 or more tubes, select "Assorted" in the drop down "Amount" menu for the discount price, adding to your shopping cart until you reach 10 or more of this item.